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Posted on February 5, 2017

Dear ELGL members,

Another busy week with the introduction of two big writing and research initiatives: first, a series about the Intersection of Faith and Public Service managed by Rafael Baptista. How does your faith or belief system influence your work in the public sector. Raf wants to know more and help you tell your story on ELGL.

We also launched the Diversity Dashboard (more on that below) and posted a TON of jobs this week from our organizational partners. And, work continues behind the scenes on #ELGL17 in Detroit – you can expect to hear more about that in the coming weeks.

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Our own nerdy version of Bracketology kicked off this week with the launch of #ELGLCityHall bracket. You can follow along online, or even download your own bracket:

Diversity Dashboard

This week, we launched the “Diversity Dashboard” project where ELGL members across the country will do original data collection and analisys of local government leadership in their state.

We introduced the concept in a post, and then shared the recording and notes from a call we hosted later in the week. To date, we have nine states signed up to participate in this effort: North Carolina, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Oregon, South Carolina, Virginia, Colordao and Ohio.

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Two cool GovLove moments this week – first, a LIVE! broadcast where Kirsten talked to Kelly McAdoo about Lean Startup, Lean In, and their favorite things from their childhood and college years. Then, Kent talked to Greg Clay about his transition from administration to politics (and the start of a new GovLove “thing,” the selection of the closing music for each podcast).

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