What’s Your “E?”

Posted on June 14, 2015

What's Your E

One of the top questions we get about ELGL is, “what does the “E” in ELGL stand for?”

Well… everything. When ELGL first started, it stood for “emerging” because we wanted to scratch that itch regarding preparing the next generation for local government leadership.  
But as ELGL has evolved, we’ve realized that ELGL isn’t just for people starting their careers.
ELGL meets the need for everyone who wants their professional association to be a source of continual learning and growing for their local government careers. We use technology and social sharing to include every member in our initiatives that boldly take on topics like diversity in local government leadership, infrastructure investment, and trending issues in public service.
That’s the ELGL way. If you really need an “E” word to spell out the acronym, here’s a list generated by our members.  Take your pick and let us know what YOUR “E” is:
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