04.23.15: Rethinking Your Resume with Graham Caulfield

Posted on April 23, 2015

Each week Graham Caulfield, Expert Resume Man, will provide tips for improving your resume. Graham is an expert at helping career transitioners present themselves to their best advantage with potential employers.

Rethinking Your Resume

 By Graham Caulfield LinkedIn, Twitter, and World Wide Web

  • Unless specifically requested, don’t include letters of recommendation or references with your résumé. That comes later.
  • Not a good idea to include outdated software programs, or non-relevant computer skills, on your résumé … makes you appear out of touch.
  • Don’t provide a blow-by-blow account of every single thing you ever did in your résumé. Explain relevant accomplishments. Accomplishments rule.
  • Use a headline on your résumé that reflects your suitability for each position to which you apply.
  • If a previous employer is not well known, be sure to add a short description: size, number of employees, annual revenue, web address etc.

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