The skyline of Portland, Oregon looking west from the Hawthorne Bridge. By en:User:Fcb981

About ELGL

Engaging Local Government Leaders

ELGL, short for Engaging Local Government Leaders, is an "accidental professional association" that started in Portland, OR, in 2012 with a 16-member dinner group. Today, ELGL has grown to include members throughout the United States representing cities, towns, counties, special districts, nonprofits, and the private sector.

ELGL is focused on all levels of local government — from analysts to mayors, librarians to planners, and everyone in between. Our mission is to engage the brightest minds in local government.

As a volunteer-run organization, ELGL provides timely and relevant content through podcasts, blogs, social media, and events, with the objective of fostering authentic and meaningful connections grounded in practices of equity and inclusion.

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