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We foster authentic and meaningful connections with our nonprofit, business, and government partners.

Partner With ELGL

We're looking for partnerships that help us grow the vision and mission of ELGL. Your partnership means that all of ELGL's work to amplify the good in local government, and to engage the brightest minds, can continue into 2021 and beyond. Please reach out to Kirsten if you are interested in partnering with ELGL.

Current Relationships

ELGL works with companies that also support local government operations. We consciously select vendors that also work in the public sector to support our association operations. Through these relationships, we grow our organization's understanding of how these tools and services also assist local government.

Arts & Culture

Engagement platform

Organization development

Citizen Engagement Software

Data-Driven Decision Making

Diversity Dashboard

Public Service Consulting

Citizen Engagement

Diversity Dashboard survey

Digital services

Collaboration & Facilitation Consulting

Budget & Strategy


Local Government Law

Data & Evidence for Local Govs

Research & Problem-solving

Education & Content Partnerships

We regularly partner to support other organizations' missions. Here's a list of organizations that we frequently work with, including formal affiliation agreements:

Academic Brain Trust

ELGL works closely with our members who work for colleges and universities to connect their research and students to local government. Learn more about our Academic Brain Trust.

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