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Get Involved With ELGL!

Everyone is welcome to join ELGL and contribute to our mission of engaging the brightest minds in local government. From contributing content, to planning events, to bringing joy each day to ELGL - we want you to get involved with ELGL and make lasting and authentic connections that will sustain your local government career. Here are some ways to volunteer with ELGL:

Alumni Outreach: Special 2019 Membership Campaign!

We're doing a special outreach campaign this fall for academic programs and we want your help! We're crowdsourcing a list of programs and asking members to reach out with information on ELGL and the benefits that a membership provides for students.

If you're not familiar with this yet, ELGL offers Supersize Academic memberships to promote local government learning opportunities for students at every level of higher education, from community college to university to graduate schools. These memberships offer unlimited student, staff, and faculty spots so that everyone can access ELGL's networking, professional development, and learning opportunities together. Our academic members also encompass a variety of programs, from political science and planning to public administration and law, so if you think your alma mater might be a good fit, let us know!

You can sign up to provide your program here.

We'll email you with all the details and you can send a quick email to your alma mater to help raise awareness of ELGL among student populations across the country. Questions? Contact Emily or Christian.

Supper Clubs

Supper Clubs are informal meetups for ELGL members (and potential members!) in your area who want to share food and conversation about local government. This quick overview will show you the easy steps to take to schedule a Supper Club near you (it's easy and ELGL helps you at every step in the planning).


We want you to contribute content to and the GovLove podcast! We believe that storytelling is the best way to share our local government experiences and learn from our ELGL friends. Send us an email to sign up to contribute to a content series, or create your own series to share with ELGL.


ELGL events like our annual conference, local Supper Clubs, and special events around the country are the perfect places to make long lasting connections with other local government leaders. We value affordability for all of our events, so you can attend anything without breaking the bank (or requiring a budget adjustment).

Equity & Inclusion

ELGL manages the Diversity Dashboard project to measure the diversity of local government leaders across the United States and all forms of local government. Ensure your local government's data is included in the current year data collection, or review the findings for each calendar year. ELGL also supports CivicPRIDE, a networking for LGBT+ government professionals and their straight allies that advances LGBT+ individuals in government leadership.


From #CityHallSelfie day, to our three annual awards programs (honoring the top people, places, and vendors in local government), to our winning social media profiles - ELGL finds the joy in local government, and makes sharing this joy a key initiative for the organization. Public service can be tough, but ELGL makes it fun, and builds lasting and authentic connections.


ELGL members have a bias for action - they're do-ers, who want to change the world, make cities and counties better for community members, and build a strong and lasting network that matters. ELGL members connect in our members-only Facebook group, find new jobs on our jobs board, and share their ideas in blogs, podcasts, and webinars.


We're always looking for great new relationships that provide all ELGL members with the best content, information, training, and research about local government topics. Sign up to sponsor ELGL events and activities and reach the most innovative group of local government leaders in partnership with us.

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