07.09.15 Rethinking Your Job Search

Posted on July 9, 2015

Each week Graham Caulfield, Expert Resume Man, will provide tips for improving your resume. Graham is an expert at helping career transitioners present themselves to their best advantage with potential employers. 

Rethinking Your Job Search

By Graham Caulfield – LinkedIn, Twitter, and World Wide Web

  • Always Be Prepared: Have business cards and copies of your resume with you at all times. Opportunities will arise anywhere and everywhere.
  • Stay in Contact: Keep your contacts informed about your efforts in the job search, by short phone calls or brief emails notes. Be consistent.
  • Talk First with People You Know: Talk to your friends, family, teachers, professors, former managers. Practice selling yourself first to those who know you.
  • Contact People You Don’t Know: Begin contacting people to whom your friends and acquaintances have referred you. Initiate each conversation with information on how you received their name. Show an interest in what they have to say, not just what they can offer.
  • Keep Conversations Focused: Use each conversation to get good information, and give your contact a brief summary of your job search objective, major highlights and accomplishments.

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