07.23.15 Rethinking Your Job Search

Posted on July 23, 2015

Each week Graham Caulfield, Expert Resume Man, will provide tips for improving your resume. Graham is an expert at helping career transitioners present themselves to their best advantage with potential employers. 

Rethinking Your Job Search

By Graham CaulfieldLinkedIn, Twitter, and World Wide Web

  1. The single biggest mistake most jobseekers make is not asking for help from their network. People want to help you — so let them!
  2. Remember, you don’t have full control of your online reputation. It’s determined by what you post, but also what others post about you.
  3. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is complete and updated. This will help you be found by prospective employers!
  4. Are you just beginning your job search? Relying on job postings to find open positions? You need to focus on talking to more people.
  5. After you get a new job, continue to build your network. Grow it, and nurture it! You will need your network again!

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