$100K Soofa Sign Infrastructure Grant for a Lucky #ELGL18 Attendee

Posted on May 10, 2018

#ELGL18 sponsor Soofa is hosting snacks during the Thursday tours of Golden, and also a meet-up along the Triceratops Trail to talk about the internet of things and local government.
We just learned that they’re also going to grant $100,000 worth of of Soofa Sign infrastructure to a lucky #ELGL18 attendee.
Soofa is expanding their Sign network and will host ‘speed-interviews’ to find their next partner neighborhood. They’re looking for agile communities with great ideas on how to engage residents using a local first digital platform. Signs are off-grid and install in 30 minutes.
Want to learn more? Attend the Soofa meet-up, or find Ed at the conference to chat.
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