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Posted on November 13, 2019

mark 43

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About Mark43

Engagement With ELGL:

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Working with the Company:

Describe your work and interactions with the nominee – how have you worked with them, on what projects, in what capacity?

When the 188 sworn officers of the Richmond Police Department take to the streets every day, they’re making the city a safer place to live. For far too long, outdated technology hindered the department’s mission to protect the city’s 102,000 citizens. Specifically, the department’s aging Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), Mobile Report Writing, and Records Management System (RMS) made it difficult for officers to manage daily crime reports.

In the words of Richmond PD Lieutenant Timothy Gard, “We document everything from a found wallet on the street to multiple homicides involving multiple suspects and victims. Unfortunately, we had a server-based solution that was not user-friendly at all, and our reporting was very time-consuming.”

After identifying the deficiencies of the existing CAD/RMS software, the Police Department put forth an RFP and after a competitive bidding process, the Police Department overwhelmingly selected Mark43 CAD/RMS solution. Some key deciding factors include Mark43’s ease of use, advanced and efficient approach to record keeping, a dedicated team of implementation specialists and support team, and the peace of mind that comes with using an RMS securely powered by ​AWS GovCloud. With Mark43 RMS, Richmond Police Department employees can now easily input, integrate, and access all details related to a crime or a case in one simple easy to use program without having to know where to look for the information. The multi-tenant platform allows the department users to see the same data, in real-time, from remote locations and on every type of device.

What was the product/outcome of your relationship with the company?

The Richmond Police Department is seeing a significant time and cost savings since implementing Mark43 RMS. The sworn officers of the Richmond Police Department can complete reports faster than ever before and rapidly access data from remote locations and devices. With a SaaS solution, Richmond PD staff does not have to worry about local servers, backups, or environmental interference, and can focus on the work that matters with the knowledge that they have a dedicated team at Mark43 for 24/7 support.

As a Patrol Lieutenant stated, “With Mark43 RMS, we found the best solution for transitioning from a server-based system to a cloud-based system. We are seeing a significant time and cost savings from its implementation.”

Richmond PD Records Supervisor Kay Carzoli commented that “Mark43 has made a huge difference just in the way that we do business. Everything has become pretty much paperless, with the officers being able to see exactly what’s going on within the system out in the field. I don’t need to send somebody information any longer. If we have photos attached to a particular case or a master profile, they’re able to look those up. We did not have that ability previously.”

Following the successful implementation of Mark43 RMS, the Richmond Police Department also deployed Mark43 CAD to its multi-agency emergency communications center, which averages 12,000 calls for service each month.

What are three words you’d use to describe the company?

  • – Efficient  – Seamless – Intuitive

Describe the on boarding process for your work with the company – either when you personally started working with them, or when your organization did. What could someone else in local government know about starting work with this company?

  • Mark43 works closely with clients to remain responsive to evolving customer needs, whether it’s through ride-alongs with officers out in the field or 24/7/365 technical support. To ensure a smooth transition, the RMS implementation comes with user training and the highest level of quality assurance. Beyond onboarding, the Mark43 team conducts regular site visits and user feedback to meet client-specific needs.

What is the company’s pricing structure? Please be as descriptive as possible.

One-time implementation fee, which includes:
– Comprehensive department assessment
– Product implementation by Mark43 specialists
– Interface and integration development
– Data migration from legacy system(s)
– Agency-wide training

Annual subscription fee, which includes
– Unlimited production software access
– 24/7/365 live phone support for all users
– Free, unlimited updates every 2 weeks
– Free, unlimited feature upgrades every 3 months
– Training environment access
– Test environment access
– A customer success team dedicated to the customer’s experience with the product for the duration of the contract

What’s the most interesting or fun aspect of your work with the company? 

The personnel at Mark43 are healthy food junkies, and we have yet to see them eat a hot dog or hamburger. They are curious wannabe law enforcement personnel who enjoy ride-alongs with officers, sit in on Dispatch calls, and love interacting with everyone at the Police Department and dream of how they can make their software better for our culture.

How has your relationship with the company evolved or changed over time? How has the company reacted to or addressed any changes that your organization has requested in the scope/focus of your work together?

Since the 2017 implementation, Mark43 has built out their technological capabilities through over 30 integrations with other leading providers in the industry. The partnerships have made a host of additional tools available to the Richmond Police Department, making the platform even more centralized, accessible and interconnected.

In August 2018, Mark43 integrated with RapidSOS to provide emergency communications centers with Next Generation 911 (NG911) call location tracking technology. According to the National Emergency Number Association, more than 80% of 911 calls nationwide are made on cell phones. However, most first response agencies still rely on approximate locations from cell tower triangulation even when smartphone devices can provide exact GPS locations. Using the RapidSOS NG911 Clearinghouse, Mark43’s Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) can display precise location data for wireless callers, enabling call takers, dispatchers, and first responders to pinpoint the scene of an incident in real time.

In February 2019, Mark43 partnered with Carbyne, a next generation Call Handling platform to build a fully integrated CAD and call handling platform entirely in the cloud. The solution allows a Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) to be established anywhere where there is a secure, high-speed internet connection. For example, an integrated CAD-Call Handling solution in the cloud is key if a PSAP requires evacuation for any reason. This means that common locations like schools, libraries, or office buildings can become fully functioning backup PSAPs in minutes: call-takers and dispatchers simply need to log in to their account to be online and operational. Due to the elimination of on-premise servers, this is a resilient and cost-effective approach to call-handling and dispatch. The increased flexibility and efficiency provided by this cloud solution is crucial to dispatch and emergency call handling, where every second counts.

As of April 2019, Mark43 is developing a partnership with Polaris Wireless, a provider of software-based wireless location solutions, to give dispatchers and incident commanders critical floor-level accuracy of the Z-axis, or vertical, location of firefighters. Historically, GPS providers have been unable to determine elevation, but Polaris Wireless has found a way to use existing sensors on phones to provide this capability. This level of granularity in firefighter locations can be absolutely crucial when dispatching aid or providing guidance during an emergency. 

Anything else to add about the company that we haven’t already asked you?

This video provides a great overview of how Mark43 has changed the way records supervisors do business.

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