2013 Resume Book

Posted on May 31, 2013


Below please find the 2013 Resume Book submissions.  This is available to ELGL members only (non-members can access the public page here).  This is just another ELGL service designed to promote the local government profession and the job searches and aspirations of our members.  ELGL members are encouraged to complete the Five Minute Challenge to further assist their fellow ELGL members as they pursue meaningful, long-term careers in local government.

Albaugh, Stephen

Baptista, Rafael

Battles, Eric

Bixler, Michelle

Boyce, Laurie

Braithwaite, Laura

Chrostek, Garrett

Colbert, Unika

Collins, Carissa

Coppock, Abby

Denney, Ariana

Eggert, Bill

Fowler, Steven

Fox, Rachel

Fransted, Evan

Gonzales, Mark

Graff, Ashley

Greene, Rosalynn

Gregor, Josh

Hackman, Adam

Halladay, Josh

Hamblin, Elisa

Harke, Robert

Henkin, Zach

Henry, Mary Beth

Herrera, Nicholas

Hicks, Paul David

Higby, Amy

Hite, Jackson

Howk, Sonya

Huggins, Ben

Hughes, Kevin

Jensen, Nathan

Jones, Denise

Kittelson, Benjamin

Koper, Steve

Lazenby, Chip

Lugo, Jason

Machado, Greg

McFarland, Jen

Mobley, Pat

Nichols, Jim

Otto, Beth

Patzke, Robert

Powell, Mary

Pressey, John

Rathbone, Marissa

Shafer, Jesse

Shaw, Lisa

Shih, Jennifer Taylor

Shrives, Mark

Sin, Victor

Sofich, Kathryn

Soriano, Carlos

Stolberg, Donald

Verssue, John

Williams, Emily

Zavitkovsky, Caroline


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