2016 Traeger Nominees

Posted on August 1, 2018

2016 Nominees

Final: And the Nominees for the Traeger List Are…

Submit your nomination at Call for Nominations: Top Local Government Influencers.


These are the current nominees for the Traeger List. Nominees will be accepted until Friday, July 22.

AJ Fawver, City of San Angelo, TX (12)

Alex Dudchock, Shelby County, AL

Alex McIntyre, City of Menlo Park, CA

Alex Morrison, Macon-Bibb County Urban Development Authority

Alexandria Bruton, City of Austin, TX

Andrew Silver, Professor, Mercer University

Anne Marie Guara, City of Dekalb, IL (2)

Ashley Jacobs, Greater Lake City Community Development Office, (2)

Ashley Monroe, Village of Hoffman Estates, IL (2)

Barry Quirk, Lewisham UK manager and author of Re-Imagining Government

Becky Elias, Seattle King County Environmental Health Department

Belinda Willis, City of Mansfield, TX

Ben DeClue, City of Lebanon, MO – GovLove

Ben Kittelson, Guilford County, NC (3)

Ben McCready, Town of Normal, IL (3)

Bertha Johnson, City of Durham, NC

Bob Keffer, Willamalane Parks & Recreation District, Springfield OR

Bob O’Neil, ICMA

Bob Stripling, Retired City Manager of Staunton, VA

Bobbie Nance, Park District of Oak Park, IL

Bonnie Svrcek, City of Lynchburg, VA

Brad Allen, City of Lawrence, KS

Brian Ligon, City of Round Rock, TX (2) – GovLove

Brian Southey, Village of Elk Grove, IL

Brian Zimmerman, Cleveland Metroparks

Bridget Doyle, City of Sterling Heights, MI – GovLove

Bruce Katz, Brookings Institute

Candice Cooper, City of Austin, TX

Carly Lorentz, City of Wheat Ridge, CO

Carolyn Patrick, City of El Paso, TX

Catherine Hurley, City of Evanston, IL (2)

Chad Doran, Communications Director, City of Appleton (6) – GovLove

Charlie Duggan, City of Auburn, AL

Chris Fabian, Center for Priority Based Budgeting – GovLove

Chris Floore, Macon-Bibb County, GA (3)

Chris Hsiung, City of Mountain View, CA

Chris Morrill, City of Roanoke, VA

Chris Orlea, City of Pearland, TX

Chris McKenzie, Executive Director, League of California Cities

Clay Pearson, City of Pearland, TX

Craig Owens, City of Clayton, MO

Craig Weinaug, Douglas County, KS

Curtis Holt, City of Wyoming, MI

Dan Biles, Jefferson County, AL (2)

Dan Johnson, City of Richardson, TX

Dan Bourdeau, City of Westland, MI

Dan Weinheimer, Routt County, CO

Daniel Honker, City of Austin, TX

Darin Atteberry, City of Fort Collins, CO (2)

David Ammons, UNC School of Government

David Brown, City of Dallas, TX (police chief) (2)

David Maloney, Hanover County, VA

David Morgan, City of Georgetown, TX

Dewey Harris, Catawba County, NC

Don Burnette, Clark County, Nevada

Don Horton, Bend Metro Parks & Recreation District, OR

Ed Foley, City of Olathe, KS

Elizabeth Fretwell, City of Las Vegas, NV

Emily Gibson, Montgomery County, VA

Eric Ameigh, City of Boulder, CO

Eric Holmes, City of Vancouver, WA

Eric Norenberg, City of Milford, DE

Eric Peterson, Town of Hillsborough, NC

Eric Roche, City of Kansas City, MO

Erik Fabian, Center for Priority Based Budgeting

Erik Kvarsten, City of Gresham, OR

Erika Storlie, City of Evanston, IL

Gabe Klein, Formerly with Chicago Department of Transportation & Author of The Start-Up City – GovLove

Gail Sumi, League of Wisconsin Municipalities (2)

Ginny Sawyer, City of Fort Collins, CO

Heather Geyer, City of Wheat Ridge, CO

Heidi Voorhees, GovHR (2) – GovLove

Jack Tuttle, Retired City Manager of Williamsburg, VA

James Hardy, City of Akron, OH

Jamie Ludovic, Washington County, WI

Jamie Verbrugge, City of Bloomington, MN

Jan Perkins, Former City Manager

Jane Brautigam, City of Boulder, CO

Jay Socol, College Station, TX

Jeff Wells, Clark County, NV

Jeff Towery, City of Springfield, OR

Jesse Day, Piedmont Triad Regional Council

Jim Collins, Author of Fifth Discipline

Jim Healy, Village of Richfield, WI

Joe Carey, Village of Vernon Hills, IL

Joe Moore, Town of Zebulon, NC

John Curtis, Mayor of City of Provo, UT

John Nalbandian, Professor at University of Kansas (2)

Jon Johnson, Center for Priority Based Budgeting – GovLove

Jonathan Reichental, City of Palo Alto, CA

Joseph McRae, Cleveland Heights, OH

Josh Edwards, City of Durham, NC

Joshua Schoemann, Washington County, WI (16) – GovLove

Joshua Smith, City of Hamilton, Ohio (4)

Judy Steele, City/County of Denver Department of Excise and License

Julie Underwood, City of Daly City, CA (3) – GovLove 

Julie Robinson, City of Dickinson, TX

Justin Cutler, City of Westminster, CO

Karen Pinkos, City of El Cerrito, CA

Kathy Novak, CPBB Advisor

Katie Baker, Washington County, TN County Commissioner

Keith Moffet, Butts County, GA

Kelly DiMartino, City of Fort Collins, CO

Kelly McAdoo, City of Hayward, CA

Ken Hampian, City Manager, California

Kent Wyatt, ELGL Co-Founder & City of Tigard, OR (5) – GovLove

Kerry O’Connor, City of Austin, TX

Kevin Ellsworth, Scott County, MN

Kevin Lahner, City of Waukesha, WI

Kim Springer-Olivares, City of Austin, TX

Kimberly Nelson, UNC School of Government

Kimberly Richardson, City of Evanston, IL (17)

Kirsten Silveira, City of Baltimore, MD

Kirsten Wyatt, ELGL Executive Director (4) – GovLove

Larry Maholland, Retired City Administrator of St. Charles

Lauren Stott, City of DeKalb, IL (2)

Leah Treat, Portland Bureau of Transportation (2) – GovLove

Leann Castillo, National Trail Parks and Recreation District

Lee Feldman, City of Fort Lauderdale, FL

Lee Worsley, Triangle J

Lesley Reder, City of Concord, NC

Leisha DeHart Davis, UNC School of Government

Lewis Leff, City of Austin, TX

Lily Luo, ICMA China Center Executive Director

Linda Barton, Former City Manager

Liz Brisson, SFMTA and Transport Oakland

Liz Hayden, City of Hamilton, OH

Luke Stowe, City of Evanston, IL (4)

Mark Funkhouser, Former Mayor of Kansas City

Mary McKittrick, Retired, City of Geneva, IL

Mark Peterson, Town of Normal, IL

Mark Rohloff, City of Oshkosh, WI

Mary Furtado, Catawba County, NC

Matt Bronson, City of Grover Beach, CA

Matt Yager, City of Plano, TX (3) – GovLove

Matthew Dugan, City of Austin, TX

Melissa Kaprelian-Becker, Racine County, WI

Michael Baker, Village of Downers Grove, IL

Michael Brown, City of Hillsboro, OR – GovLove

Mike Ekey, City of Raymore, MO – GovLove

Mike Freeman, Rocky Mountain Innosphere

Mike Seman, Resource Exploration (Resource X)

Mike Trimble, City of Austin, TX

Mona Miyasato, County of Santa Barbara, CA

Oluwatobi Oluwagbemi, St. Cloud State

Pam Antil, City of Santa Barbara, CA

Pat Martel, City of Daly City, CA (3)

Patrick Rollens, City of Corvallis, OR (2)

Paulette Hartman, City of North Richland Hills, TX

Phillip Smith-Hanes, Ellis County, KS

Pilar Schank, City of Southlake, TX

Quinn Bennion, City of Prairie Village, KS

Randy Ealy, City of Beaverton, OR

Randy Tarr, Clark County, Nevada

Randy Recklaus, Village of Arlington Heights, IL (2)

Ray Hummert, Kansas University MPA Staff

Rebecca Olson, City of Shoreview, MN

Rick Usher, City of Kansas City, MO

Rickey Childers, City of Longview, TX

Rob Severance, City of Cleburne, TX

Robert Johnson, City of Frederick, OK

Roger Stancil, Town of Chapel Hill, NC

Ron Carlee, City of Charlotte, NC City Manager

Ron Holifield, Strategic Government Resources

Rosie Truelove, City of Austin, TX

Ross Hoff, ICMA International Liaison

Sabra Smith Newby, Clark County, NV

Sarah Hazel, City of Charlotte, NC

Sarah Medary, City of Eugene, OR

Scott Simpson, City of River Falls, WI

Sereniah Breland, City of Alvin, TX

Shannah Hayley, City of Plano, TX (2)

Shawnna Smith, Jefferson County, AL

Sheryl Scully, City of San Antonio, TX

Simon Farbrother, Internationalist, ICMA Former President, and Former Edmonton City Manager

Sly James, Mayor of City of Kansas City, MO

Sonny Brasfield, Association of County Commissions of Alabama

Stacy Schweikhart, City of Kettering, OH – GovLove

Stan Reichert, City of Oklahoma City, OK

Sue Pontarelli, City of Evanston, IL

Sunny Culverhouse, Retired Lynchburg, VA City Manager and UVa Senior Executive Institute Lecturer

Susan Mauriello, Santa Cruz County, CA

Susan Sherman, City of Olathe, KS

Tammy Letorneau, League of Women in Government

Tanisha R. Briley, City of Cleveland Heights, OH

Thomas Bonfield, City of Durham, NC

Thomas Tanghe, City Manager of Auburn Hills, MI

Tim Keane, Atlanta, GA

Tim Oliver, Horry County, SC

Timothy Gross, City of Newport, OR

Timothy Martin, City of Roanoke, VA (7)

Tom O’Rourke, Charleston County Park and Recreation Commission

Tom Meaux, Ozaukee County, WI

Tony Collins, City of Columbus, OH

Tony Petelos, Jefferson County, AL

Tonya Walton, City of Raleigh, NC

Toy Beeninga, City of Fort Lauderdale, FL

Troy Brown, City of Tracy, CA

Valerie Pearman, City Councilor for North Kansas City, MO

Veronica Briseno Lara, City of Austin, TX

Victor Cardenas, City of Novi, MI

Wade Walcutt, City of Greensboro, NC

Will Hampton, City of Round Rock, TX

Yolanda King, Clark County, Nevada

Zach Perron, City of Palo Alto, CA

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