2019 Diversity Dashboard Survey

Posted on March 14, 2019

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The 2019 Diversity Dashboard survey is now live!

Please ensure that your local government is represented in the 2019 data collection. The Diversity Dashboard collects information on the chief administrative officer and the assistant chief administrative officer only, so the survey only takes a few minutes to complete.

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Diversity Dashboard:

What is the Diversity Dashboard?

The Diversity Dashboard is a nationwide data collection on the diversity of local government leadership in towns, villages, cities, and counties, across all forms of government the United States.

Why are you collecting this information?

This information is being collected to learn more about the leadership in villages, towns, cities, and counties, and if leadership demographics mirror community demographics.

What type of data are you collecting?

We’re collecting the gender, race, age, veteran status, disability accommodation, and LGBT+ identification for chief administrative and assistant chief administrative officers.

What are you going to do with the data?

Data will be uploaded weekly into this interactive data dashboard hosted by GovLove.

How can I check if my local government’s data is submitted?

Check the data dashboard and search for your local government name. If you don’t see it and you think the data was submitted, it might be a slight delay between survey submission and the data upload.

What does this matter?

  • What gets measured gets improved.
  • You measure what you treasure.
  • What gets measured gets done.

No matter your favorite quote about data collection, the gist is the same: when you’re paying close attention to trends, you’re better suited to solve or fix a challenge. We know that local government leadership can more closely mirror our community demographics, and the Diversity Dashboard is the starting point to understand what leadership looks like in our communities.

The best way to improve the diversity of local government leadership is to understand who local leaders are.

Is my data secure?

Your contact information will not be shared with other organizations or used for ELGL content. Reported data from this survey will only be shared by locality, and the names and contact information for respondents will not be shared.

How long does the survey take?

Most respondents say it takes about five minutes.

We have a mayor and a clerk – should we take the survey?

We are collecting data on all forms and types of local governments. We know that leaders in local government are working in different organizations and there’s no one way to define a “leader.”

Here are some sample job titles for a chief administrative officers:

  • City manager, city administrator, mayor, commission chair, chief executive, clerk

Here are some sample job titles for assistant chief administrative officers:

  • Assistant city manager, assistant city administrator, clerk, chief of staff, clerk of the board
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