2019 PI Works! Conference

Posted on June 14, 2018

ELGL is partnering with IAP2 on this exciting conference event. Here’s more information about the event from IAP2:
IAP2 is excited to focus on the issues of diversity and inclusion for our 2018 PI Works! Conference. We hope the information you take away will result in deeper, meaningful conversations within our communities.
Come join us for 2 full days of sharing, learning, and networking as we discuss how to proactively remove barriers and create a more diverse community. The conference will bring together experts, community members directly affected by hot-topic issues, and public participation professionals.
Thursday sessions (8 am – 3 pm CATHOLIC CHARITIES, 2740 SE POWELL BLVD., PORTLAND) will include three townhall sessions on hot topic issues:
1. Policing our communities together: Public safety partnerships
2. Home stress: affordable housing crisis among underserved communities
3. Community engagement: ensuring equality via equity practices
In the evening (5:30 – 8:30 pm ST. PHILIP NERI CHURCH, 2408 SE 16TH AVE., PORTLAND), dinner attendees will get to participate in a National Dialogue Discussion process, networking with other conference attendees while discussing the current situation of dialogue/ community engagement and how it affects the public participation field.
Friday sessions (8 am – 4 pm ST. PHILIP NERI CHURCH, 2408 SE 16TH AVE., PORTLAND) will include 8 TED-style sessions with ample time to ask presenters questions and time to connect with fellow practitioners.
Registration will take place from 8-8:30 am and then we’ll launch into our amazing lineup, with just one room (so you don’t have to choose between multiple great presenters).
– SUZANNE DONALDSON, Donaldson Enterprises – Indigenous Land Acknowledgement
– METRO + MOMENTUM ALLIANCE – Beyond Inclusion: Community partnerships for racial justice
– CARLOS KAREEM-WINDHAM, Resolutions NW – Equity Minded Dialogue – From Awareness to Action!
– LORNA FLORMOE, City of Eugene – Innovative outreach for the Parks and Recreation Systems Plan
– AWARD WINNERS (to be announced that day)
– KIT COLE, Kit Cole Consulting – Storytelling makes for a good story
– JESS COLUMBO, Med|Ed Digital – Storytelling for Social Media
– YEE WON CHONG, Yee Won Chong Consulting – Incorporating trans-justice into public involvement
РJOY ALISE DAVIS, Portland African American Leadership Forum (PAALF) РCreating the People’s Plan

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