2021 Best Places to Work in Local Government Award

Posted on April 14, 2021

Best Workplaces Award

Nominations are now being accepted for the 2021 Best Local Government Workplaces Award! Nominate your organization today to showcase the best places to work in local government.

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About ELGL Best Local Government Workplaces Award 

Inspired by Parks and Recreation’s Donna Meagle, the ELGL Best Local Government Workplaces Award recognizes the local governments that have developed, cultivated, and nurtured workplaces that encourage employee creativity, loyalty, and success.

Local governments that are nominated will be asked to  share best practices to build out the ELGL content library on workforce development, employee engagement, human resource management, and more.

And, nominations are only accepted from local government staff. Managers and mayors cannot nominate themselves for this award; nominations come from grassroots local government employees that want to recognize their organization for creating a great place to work.

Learn more below, and please fill out your nomination form today!


How do I nominate my local government?

Employees of local governments nominate their organizations for consideration for this award and inclusion on a recognition list.

What’s on the application?

We’ll ask you for basic information about your local government, and also the program(s) that are in place in your organization that you’re nominating for recognition.

What if the program(s) that are most noteworthy in my organization, aren’t on your list?

That’s ok! You can write it in. Just be prepared to provide background information and justification why your workplace is the best of the best.

I work in the manager’s/mayor’s office but I’m not the manager or mayor… can I still nominate my organization?

Yes! The concept behind this approach of asking for nominations from staff, and not the person in charge, is to get employees engaged in thinking and recognizing great places to work. It’s easy for the boss to say “I’ve created an awesome workplace,” but it’s meaningful when employees articulate that sentiment.

Tell me more about this content library you’re building…

All nominees will be required to write a blog post (or if appropriate, work with ELGL on a webinar or podcast) to describe the programs(s) that make their local government workplace a great place to work. . We believe that it’s not enough to just recognize great programs – let’s also tell the story about how the program could be replicated in other local government organizations.

What’s the timeline for the Award?

Nominations are due by May 14, 2021 at 5:00 p.m. PT. The blog series series will begin in June 2021 and will run on a recurring basis throughout the year.

What’s in it for my organization?

If your organization is selected for the Best Local Government Workplaces recognition list, you’ll receive a graphic and ELGL.org link to use in your marketing and outreach for your local government.This can be used to showcase your organization in recruitments, to your community, and to your peers.

In addition, ELGL will showcase the content you create around your nomination areas to further highlight the best practices in your organization.

Lastly, you’ll get to say you’re an award-winning workplace which is just a delightful way to describe a local government organization.

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