2021 ELGL Wrapped

Posted on December 23, 2021

ELGL Infographic

Here’s what ELGL accomplished in 2021 with your help!


ELGL.org & GovLove Podcast

Published 614 ELGL.org articles and 100 episodes of the GovLove podcast. Podcast episodes average 2,000 downloads each. The Morning Buzz writing team grew to 64 people. We emailed 52 Weekly Reader and 12 Monthly Reader newsletters with an average open rate of 30%+ to our mailing lists.


Webinars, Videos, #ELGLInspire, Fellowships

Hosted 39 webinars on topics ranging from COVID response to creative placemaking. Welcomed more than 2,000 attendees to online learning events via our webinars and cohorts. Hosted four #ELGLInspire events for undergraduate and graduate students. Continued the PAFR Fellowship Program in partnership with GFOA for 39 MPA and MPP students creating financial documents for 40 communities.


Cohort & Connector Programs

Facilitated 20 cohorts with 454 participants, with the following themes: building resiliency, creative placemaking, data citizenship, justice and equity, and valuing engagement. Connected cohort members with mentors, learning networks, and connection platforms, and welcomed our cohort graduates to write articles about their experiences. Connected more than 500 members with the #ELGLMugs and Birthday & Books programs.



Posted 1,905 local government jobs with more than 15,000 clicks and sent out 18 ELGL Jobs newsletters from the ELGL job board.



Welcomed 433 people to virtual #ELGL21 in September, and 250 people to virtual #ELGLPopUps in May. While we missed the chance to connect in person, we wanted to take the safest learning option for our members.

#CityHallSelfie Day 2021

The hashtag was used over 3,300 times with over 3.6 million people reached across the world. Over 15 volunteers helped make the day a success by helping behind-the-scenes to amplify #CityHallSelfies.


DiversityDashboard.org & Member Research

Partnered with CivicPulse on an enhanced Diversity Dashboard which now includes 16 local government leadership positions. Partnered on and published research reports on COVID new normal; local government Great Resignation, and best local government workplaces.

Social media & Website

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, & ELGL.org

  • Facebook Engagement: 2,396 active followers
  • Twitter Impressions: 856,800 | Twitter Profile Visits: 82,270
  • Instagram Engagement: 2,132 | Instagram Followers: 2,671
  • LinkedIn Engagement: 2,118 | LinkedIn Page Clicks: 4,143
  • ELGL.org Pageviews: 444,316 | Total Users: 189,818
  • Hosted more than 2,000 inquiries in the ELGL Facebook and Slack groups.


Members, Board, & Staff

ELGL has 4,800 members and works with 40 partner companies and organizations. The organization is led by a seven-member board; welcomed Ayushi Roy and Ashley Copeland to the board in 2021. ELGL staffed by four people representing 3.5 FTEs.

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