30 Days of Badger – Day 26

Posted on August 26, 2014

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On Monday ELGL released the inaugural post for the column: Discovering Detroit with Cole Grisham and John McCarter. The column aimed at uncovering the truth behind some of the Motor City’s tallest tales. As they will address the myths, rumors, and facts you hear about the City every day I thought sharing this wonderful Emily Badger article about Detroit might build some cross-hype for their sure-to-be fantastic series.

The Emily Badger article I wanted to feature today is called: Beautifully Mashed-Up Photos Show The Glory And Wreckage Of Detroit: The Detroit Now and Then project that artfully combines vintage photos of the city with images of what’s there now, providing a poignant reminder of what the city was, what it is now and–maybe–what it could be again. Please take a moment to read this story and appreciate the work of these anonymous artists and their intention to “focus on the city and its issues and spur substantive creative discussion about how things got to where they’re at, and where they’re going.”

Below is a sample of one of those spellbinding photos.


I for one am very excited to continue reading the Discover Detroit column. I know that ELGL contributors Cole Grisham and John McCarter are both exceptional thinkers and passionate about the Detroit area.

Honey Badger fact:

You cannot really classify the Honey Badger as nocturnal or diurnal since they will adapt their sleeping and hunting habits to many outside factors.

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