30 Days of Badger – Day 6

Posted on August 6, 2014

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Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike. Guess what day it is!

hump day


Middle of the week, let’s have little fun. First, read this article by our friend, Emily Badger about crime fighting, meth-lab detecting, Wi-Fi hotspot emitting street lamps… wait what? I wouldn’t lie to you, seriously check this out:

The Streetlight of the Future Will Do So Much More Than Light Your Street

Crime prevention, emergency alert capabilities, energy and cost efficiency,  and the ability to test air-quality. As the wise Peter Griffin would say, “why are we not funding this?” Something as simple as a street light serving as an asset to the community. Its brilliant innovation like this that makes me have faith in a more promising tomorrow. I have a couple other cool ideas for sidewalk space that I’ve seen online recently, that in addition to Global Green Lighting’s already fantastic product, would create a safe, feel-good urban environment.

Musical swingset bustops!


Here’s another feel good story Ben Kittelson posted on Facebook a while ago about Vancouver BC practicing a bit of humanity that counter-acts the strange tactics taken in London and their “Anti-Homeless SPIKES” !?!?

And now for my brilliant idea to further prevent crime with the street lamps: If you were capable of putting in a proximity sensor in the lamp post that knew when someone was near and automatically played the song below, crime would cease to exist. It actually may be impossible to commit crime to this song. Go ahead and press play then scroll down to enjoy how hilariously this song goes with the Bill Cosby gifs below.


Dr. Huxtable approved!

Know of any other places doing cool things with urban spaces? Hit me up in the discussion section or on twitter: @joshg22

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