New Member Profile: Alexander Schwartz

Posted on March 1, 2019


Alexander Schwartz

Newly Minted! MPA Student, Leiden University, IL


So far, what’s your proudest accomplishment in 2019?

I just finished graduate school.  I’m not sure if I’m feeling pride or relief, but certainly something…

Valentines Day is in February. What do you “love” about your job?

I can’t really answer this, as I am looking for work now.  Having just graduated, I’m now in the “what next” phase.  Still, what I imagine I would love most is the ability to literally see the results of my work.  I am looking in economic development/ urban planning, both positions which physically impact the world around us.

(Complete the sentence) Before I die I want to…

Before I die, I’d like to own a house, get married, participate in neighborhood revitalization, advance the cause of good governance, etc.

10 Year Challenge! What were you doing in 2009? How did it help you reach your current position?

I was a freshman in high school in 2009.  I applied to numerous colleges and ended up choosing the College of William and Mary.  When in Williamsburg, the wife of my future boss was a pastor at a church where I sang.  Additionally, when at William and Mary, I met a dear friend of mine who is a student at Leiden University, where I attended graduate school.  I worked in Williamsburg for a year and a half after graduating (for the pastor’s husband) and then attended Leiden University for graduating.

(Complete the sentence) The first time I heard about ELGL was…

The first time I heard about ELGL was through another organization, I think.

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