AMA: How do you define “emerging?”

Posted on January 18, 2014

amaThis is the first of a periodic series of posts we’re calling “AMA” (or, Ask Me Anything).  If you have questions about ELGL, your ELGL membership, where Kent Wyatt buys his khakis, how John McCarter finds the time to write such awesome columns, or anything else even remotely related to ELGL, you can send us your question and we’ll address (the good ones) right here.

Today, we answer a question from one of our ELGL members from the City of Milwaukie:

How do you define “emerging?”

Great question!  When we first started ELGL, we were primarily focused on addressing the “next generation” issue in local government.  But as our organization has evolved, we’ve recognized that we have a place in the promotion of the local government profession, the sharing of information, and the provision of training.  

So… our definition of “emerging” has evolved too.  I typically define it as anyone who aspires to reaching that next level in their career.  Thus, we have city managers with 30 years of experience in our organization, as well as MPA students who are just getting started.  

 The quick answer is: “EVERYONE is welcome to be an ELGL member.”  We welcome local government professionals at every stage in their careers, from every field, as long as they share our commitment to a public service career.
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