Anthea Thomas

No. 7

2024 Top Influencers in Local Government

Anthea Thomas

Strategic Communications Specialist | City of Fort Lauderdale, FL | LinkedIn

Anthea Thomas radiates joy as a creative communicator working to connect local government with the community.

As strategic communications specialist at the City of Fort Lauderdale, FL, she accepts each assignment as a challenge to capture and hold the audience’s attention. The result is compelling content that not only shares the city’s story and also reflects the passion and energy Anthea brings to public service.

Anthea’s ability to transform ideas into campaigns is sought-after by Fort Lauderdale colleagues, as well as other communications professionals across Florida and throughout the United States.

Whether shooting photos and video, recruiting (or attempting to convince) colleagues to appear on-camera, recording voice overs, or developing social media content, Anthea excels at creating and sustaining connections. No matter the assignment, Anthea finds a way to set the tone. The work often occurs after hours or on weekends, reflecting the 24/7/365 nature of local government. 

Throughout the process, she shows dependability, integrity, and leadership both in and out of the office. Anthea is also skillful at shining a light on city programs and championing staffers that may not be well-known or widely understood by the community.

Anthea consistently demonstrates collaboration and compassion in public service.

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