New Member Profile: Beau Bernhoft

Posted on December 19, 2018

Beau Bernhoft

Beau Bernhoft

Masters Student & Management Intern, City of Oak Creek


Favorite song from 2018:

Simple by Florida Georgia Line

Favorite book from 2018

The Final Day by William Forstchen

Proudest work accomplishment in 2018

As an intern, I did a complete policy analysis for winter parking in the city of Oak Creek, and updated our current policies. These changes have been approved and are affected this winter season.

People who most positively impacted you in 2018

Andrew Vickers, the City Administrator in Oak Creek has mentored me and really taught me as much as he can in the last year. He has been a huge asset for my career and is continuing to help prepare me for my future management position.

New Year’s Resolution(s) for 2019

I want to completely get rid of Soda and sugars this year.

Prediction(s) for 2019

I will receive my Masters in May and hopefully begin my career smoothly after!

What question(s) should we ask on the next new member questionnaire?

A good question would be what college did you graduate from?

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