Behind the Camera: 6 Lessons Learned from Episode One

Posted on January 6, 2015

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Civic Leaders is an exclusive local government web-interview series hosted and operated by Springbrook Software, produced by the VOLSTA Media Network, and syndicated by ELGL. Each month the show shares a candid look into the challenges and triumphs experienced by passionate public employees that are committed to their calling.

Behind the Camera: 6 Lessons Learned from Episode 1

imagesby: Clint Bowers, Volsta Media Network

1. Sun spots

It gives us light, it keeps us warm, but it sure can get in the way of filming! While prepping for our first interview, we noticed a big bright spot in our backdrop–sure enough, it was the Sun curiously saying hello by being reflected off of a nearby building. After some waiting, we were in the clear.

2. No such thing as too much make up?

In the name of professionalism, our host Bert happily prepared for the show by applying makeup. Still waking from the morning coffee, a few eye drops were needed to help clear up a bit of dryness and redness. While he was undoubtedly excited, it really started to show when the mascara began to run from what we call “synthetic tears of joy”. “On with the show!” he declared!

3. Hot mic, hot mic….

fa0bcf6038813071226f70396fb8115aAh yes, the age-old mystery and wonder of binary communication. We have a mic–a professional one no less. It looks on, but won’t record. We try clicking the red light button–it begins to blink. We record again–no audio. Somehow we eventually willed it to work but honestly we’re not even sure how–we are humbled and will very likely go through the same process for the next episode!

4. Pay your electric bill

Lights! Camera! Action! Lights? It happens to the best of us. In a quiet meeting, in your office eating, or even taking a break in the restroom–moments of stillness often make your building think that you in fact no longer exist. While our guest was doing a perfect job of staying in the video frame, after a few minutes…the auto-switching lights turned right off. This happened multiple times. So, when recording in an office setting, be sure to get up often, stretch and wave hello to the light sensor. Perhaps the fixture is lonely, maybe bitter–were not sure.

5. You book the show

Oh the stories we all have. Each unique, personal, and so very different. Talking with Debbie for the first episode was wonderful, and knowing that we are just cracking open the cover of this book, we are excitedly looking forward to the living volumes of local government stories you have experienced. Get started by taking the survey below.

6. Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose

tumblr_n31p50tLvh1qcbki6o3_r1_500Clear vision, hard work, collaboration, persistence and seeing the job through–that is how great things come to be. With the combined efforts of Springbrook Software, VOLSTA Media Network, ELGL and City of Tigard, OR, we proudly and happily introduced to you to episode one of Civic Leaders. This show is for you and we want it to be the best it possibly can be! You can help by completing the following survey.


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