Benjamin Effinger

No. 1

2024 Top Influencers in Local Government

Benjamin Effinger

Operations Chief - Cash Management | Los Angeles County, CA | LinkedIn

Benjamin Effinger is a guiding force for the future of local government.

Ben’s leadership within the largest municipal treasurer and tax collector’s office in the United States is more than a role — it is a commitment to financial excellence that safeguards Los Angeles County’s prosperity. Through his advocacy, outreach, and mentorship, Ben’s dedication to public service is felt far beyond Southern California.

Ben is committed to ensuring economic vitality, fostering educational growth, raising awareness around men’s mental health, and promoting inclusive employment for veterans. 

Ben is a veteran who continued to work in public service after separating from active duty in the U.S. Air Force. Understanding veterans’ unique value to the public sector, he dedicates himself to mentoring veterans and helping them navigate the transition to local government employment.

By using his platform to share his experience, offer guidance, and mentor other veterans, Ben works to break down barriers for military service members transitioning into local government roles. His accomplishments in service to local communities — and for others in the profession — demonstrate his joy in service and commitment to inclusion.

As he has worked toward local government leadership, he has consistently inspired others to pursue careers in the public sector. Ben's pursuit of a doctoral degree in public administration is a testament to his dedication to serving communities and commitment to the future of public service.

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