#CityHallSelfie Day: Best Dressed Award

Posted on August 23, 2019

We’re rollin’ out the winner from 2019 #CityHallSelfie Day! Learn more about each of our winners in each post, or see all the winners in one page on this page. #CityHallSelfie award winners receive a trophy and selfie stick from Bang the Table to recognize their joy and enthusiasm for local government service. 

The Winner for Best Dressed Goes to…

City of Onkaparinga, Australia

Why They Won: Becky Hirst has been an ELGL #CityHallSelfie superstar in Australia for the last few years, and this year she brought the thunder by getting Mayor Erin Thompson in on the action. We love the extra bling, plus the chance to see Onkaparinga’s city hall (and modern-chic logo).

Honorable Mention: We also want to recognize the awesome shirts and clever photo styling from ELGL members in Litchfield Park, Arizona! Great job!

And of course, we can’t have a #CityHallSelfie day without recognizing the amazing contributions to local government (and fashion) from the OG #CityHallSelfie taker, Rick Usher:

City Hall Selfie Day in the News

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