New Member Profile: Brandon Chapman

Posted on January 10, 2019

Brandon Chapman

Brandon Chapman

Brandon Chapman

Director of Marketing and Communications, Washington State University & Pullman City Councilor

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Favorite song from 2018: 

Not sure. I love anything with sick Latinx beats. My 11 year old and I had a routine of listening to X by J. Balvin on the way to the ballpark every day, so probably that one.

Favorite book from 2018: 

Walkable City Rules by Jeff Speck.

Proudest work accomplishment in 2018: 

Introducing Indigenous Peoples’ Day in Pullman and getting it through the process and passed, which then started another process of Washington State University doing the same thing. I felt proud of this because we have a welcoming community but it still takes courage to do something that will make some folks upset (and I did have a fellow council member not very happy about it).

People who most positively impacted you in 2018: 

Steve Hall, and family-practice doc in Pullman with whom I rendered a lot of community service. He reminded me of how to serve with all my heart and do it for the right reasons.

New Year’s Resolution(s) for 2019: 

Be as positive on Twitter as I am on Facebook… don’t get caught up in the negativity that besets us so greatly these days.

Prediction(s) for 2019: 

Banner year for the City of Pullman.

What question(s) should we ask on the next new member questionnaire? 

What hashtag best describes you?

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