Call for Resumes: The 2017 Resume Book

Posted on December 14, 2016

It’s that time of year! We’re hitting reset on our annual Resume Book. Every year ELGL collects resumes and then compiles them into a book that gets shared with our members, executive search firms, HR professionals, and other key local government stakeholders.

This is a great opportunity to gain exposure, find out what other members are up to, and connect with people who have worked on a project you are interested in.

ELGL members receive priority placement in the resume book.

Is this just for people who need a job? No! It’s not just for those people seeking a job, it’s also for people who want to gain the expertise of the more than 1,600 ELGL members from across the country. We have members from every function of the government arena from attorneys to bankers to interns to managers. Here are three practical examples for how the “Who’s Who” tool can be used.

my resume isExample 1: Let’s say you’re tasked with hiring a public affairs firm to complete a citizen survey. You will be able to look through member profiles for others who have worked on a similar project. You will be able to use this information to contact other members for advice on public affairs firms, advice on crafting the RFP, or ideas for survey questions.

Example 2: Your organization is hiring a city manager. You can look through the member profiles for potential candidates and for those who may know of potential candidates. You also can ask other members for job descriptions, engaging interview questions, or effective assessment centers.

Example 3: You’re looking for a job after graduating with an MPA or you’re looking to change jobs. ELGL will compile all the member profiles (you can opt out) into an electronic Resume Book. The book will be provided to executive search firms, local governments, and private sector firms in the local government arena.

How you can participate? Submit your resume to Ben Kittelson,, by December 31, 2016.

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