Calling for GovLove Hosts and Contributors

Posted on August 26, 2020


ELGL’s GovLove podcast has quickly become one of our most popular content offerings. Currently, the GovLove team is comprised of five hosts (Alyssa, Ben, Javon, Kent, and Kirsten) and one transcriber (Harpreet). We seek to grow the team to allow us to produce more high-quality episodes and to widen our worldview of topics and perspectives. You can apply here!

Prior podcasting experience is not required!

Host or Contributor:
We are looking for people who are curious, creative and love local government. GovLove “Hosts” are expected to create between one to three podcast episodes per month. GovLove “Contributors” are expected to create one podcast per quarter or on an equivalent series-basis. Episode development entails researching, scripting, recording, and hosting. The time commitment estimate is between two- to five hours to create a single podcast episode.

We are also looking for curious, creative folks interested in the production of podcast episodes. “Producers” are expected to edit and publish one to three episodes per month. Producing entails audio editing as well as the creation of episode descriptions and web posts for marketing. We estimate it takes between two- to three hours to produce a single podcast episode.

Please email us know if you have any questions – Like many things with ELGL, we view this as a growth opportunity. If you’ve ever thought about podcasting as something you’d like to try or if you have local government stories you want to help tell, please apply for this opportunity.


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