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The Nominees for the 2017 Traeger List

Note: Ben McCready, Brian Southey, Carly Lorentz, Rebecca Woodbury and Sarah Hazel were nominated but have been removed because they are part of ELGL leadership. Update: The results of the top 10 voting will be posted here throughout the week. Only ELGL members will be able to access the page. LITERALLY! The 2nd Annual Traeger … Continued

2017 Haverford Choice Award — Top 50

In the News ELGL names ProudCity one of top 50 ‘best companies working with local governments’ ClearGov Ranks 7 on ELGL’s Top 50 Companies Working With Local Governments Welcome to the 2017 Tom Haverford Choice Award! The Haverford award honors the best companies (private sector, non-profits, or other) working with local governments. Here are the … Continued

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