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#DigitalGovTip: Make Sure Your Government Website is Encrypted

This guest blog is reprinted with permission from ProudCity and Luke Fretwell. Luke is co-founder and CEO of ProudCity. Connect with him on LinkedIn, Twitter and email at Learn more about ProudCity digital government solutions, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and subscribe to our newsletter. #digitalgovtip shares quick advice to inspire, empower and help governments move their digital efforts forward. Protecting user privacy should be a … Continued

Mutual Aid for Government Websites During a Disaster

By Rebecca Woodbury & Talia Smith, City of San Rafael When a major disaster strikes a region, they need help in more ways than one. After an unprecedented number of wildfires recently broke out in neighboring counties to the north, our jurisdiction, the City of San Rafael, immediately sent our first responders to help fight the fires and … Continued

Local Gov, HTTPS Website Security, & the Google Chrome October Deadline

This guest post is by ELGL Member & Proud City CEO Luke Fretwell. Luke is co-founder and CEO of ProudCity. Connect with him on LinkedIn, Twitter and email at ‘Not Secure’: What government needs to know about HTTPS website security and the Google Chrome October deadline Protecting user privacy is an important aspect and duty of any public service organization, and … Continued

GOVQ: What government website analytics should I track?

GOVQ is a digital government advice column curated by ProudCity CEO Luke Fretwell. Tweet your questions with the hashtag #GOVQ or email, and we’ll answer them here. Thank you to Rebecca Olson for this GOVQ: .@ELGL50 @lukefretwell what are best analytics to track for a website to improve usability? Landing pages, sessions, pg/session, etc. … Continued

What I Learned ‘Buying’ Our New City Digital Services

Update: San Rafael Launches Public Test of Future City Website Procuring technology is hard enough with endless vendor sales pitches, too many options and confusing pricing schemes. Then, on top of that, throw in some outdated procurement practices. Last winter, I got the green light to spearhead the creation of a new city website as well … Continued

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