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Webinar Rewind: The Link Between Short-Term Rentals, Affordable Housing, and Community Character

 Originally aired 6/23/2021. Unregulated short-term rentals can lead to unintended negative impacts on affordable housing and prospects for long-term renters. Interested in preserving your community’s character and the well-being of long-term residents? Join us for a discussion around short-term rentals, affordable housing and best practices for ensuring their harmonious coexistence! Speakers: Brumby McLeod, Associate … Continued

Webinar Rewind: Short-Term Rentals, Tourism Taxes and Revenue Recovery

Originally aired 6/16/2021. Are short-term rentals taxed the same way as hotels or other traditional lodging options in your community? If the answer is no, you’re likely missing out on revenue for your community. Join us to learn more about the relationship between short-term rentals and tourism-related taxes, best practices for revenue recovery and equitable … Continued

Webinar Rewind: Gathering Community Feedback on Short-Term Rentals

Originally aired June 9, 2021, as part of our ELGL + Host Compliance/Granicus Short Term Rentals Series. While getting an accurate representation of community sentiment can be difficult, resident feedback is a critical part of the short-term rental regulation process. Join us to learn about best practices for community engagement around short-term rentals and how … Continued

Webinar Rewind: The Local Government’s Guide to Addressing Short-Term Rentals

View the Slide Deck Originally aired June 2, 2021. There are millions of short-term rentals-often found on sites like Airbnb and VRBO-operating in neighborhoods across North America. What does this mean for local governments? It’s time to act! Join us to learn more about the short-term rental market and best practices for regulation and enforcement. … Continued

Podcast: Short Term Rental Policy with Philip Minardi, Expedia Group

Philip Minardi Director, Policy Communications Expedia Group Bio | LinkedIn | Twitter Building a responsible vacation rental market. Philip Minardi, the Director of Policy Communications at Expedia Group, joined the podcast to talk about the short term rental industry and local policy regulating the vacation rental market. He shared what cities are doing it well, … Continued

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