#CityHallSelfie Day: Best Promotion by a Non-Government Entity

Posted on August 26, 2019

We’re rolling out the 2019 #CityHallSelfie Day award winners! #CityHallSelfie award winners receive a trophy and selfie stick from Bang the Table.

Winner of Best Promotion by a Non-Government Entity goes to…

Justin Razavi, WFRV Local 5

City Hall Selfie Day

Over the last few years, August 15th has gradually become “City Hall Selfie Day,” a day where citizens are encouraged to snap a picture of themselves in front of their favorite local government building.

“I think the idea is just to make it a little bit more accessible for people to check out City Hall, to engage in city government, and just a fun thing for us to do as employees of the city,” said Green Bay Mayor Eric Genrich. “And something for the community to engage in as well.”

Honorable Mention

Healthy West Orange

Healthy West Orang

In the News

Appleton celebrates local government with City Hall Selfie Day

What is City Hall Selfie Day

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