Updated 7/30: Recommendations for the 50 Nifty Project

Posted on June 20, 2013

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ELGL is launching a new initiative, “The Fifty Nifty Project” for the new fiscal year. We are committed to touching all 50 states next year by profiling at least one person from the government arena in each state. Each person profiled with be asked the same questions, and at the end of the year, we’ll package the responses together in a report.

So How Can I Help?

  • Email three recommendations, each from a different state, to Ben Kittelson, ELGL project assistant, oregonelgl@gmail.com.
  • Include name, job title, organization, and email address for each recommendation.
  • Your recommendation may be a student, retired professional, or active professional in the government arena.
  • Or you can leave your recommendations in the comment section below.
  • We’ll need a few choices from each state so don’t worry if there is a contact already listed.

Member Recommendations (as of July 30)


  • Brian Muenger, City Manager, City of Talladega


  • Sara Peterson, City of Sitka, Deputy Clerk
  • Patrick Jordan, City of Unalaska, Assistant City Manager


  • Ken Strobeck, League of Arizona Cities and Towns, Executive Director
  • Brenda Fischer, City of Maricopa, City Manager
  • Doug Ayres, City of Sedona, Former City Manager
  • Dana Hlavac, Mojave County, Deputy County Administrator
  • Rich Dlugas, City of Chandler, City Manager


  • David Watkins, City of Hot Springs, City Manager
  • Jeff Dingman, City of Fort Smith, Deputy City Manager


  • Greg Larson, City of Los Gatos, Town Manager
  • Mike Arnold, Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority, Executive Director
  • Brian Angus, Fresno County EOC, Executive Director
  • Ted Gaebler, City of Rancho Cordova, City Manager
  • Enrique Martinez, City of Redlands, City Manager
  • John Shirey, City of Sacramento, City Manager


  • Robb Kolstad, City of Thornton, CO, Management and Budget Director
  • Frank Biggerstaff, El Paso County Transportation Division, Colorado
  • Sam Mamet, Executive Director, Colorado Municipal League
  • Tim Gagen, Town Manager, Town of Breckenridge
  • Vik Runkle, City of Greeley, Assistant City Manager
  • Bill Efting, City of Frisco, City Manager
  • Skip Noe, City of Aurora, City Manager
  • Heather Brooks, City of Alamosa, Assistant City Manager


  • Robert Lee, Town of Plainville, Town Manager
  • Roger Kemp, City of Merdien, Former City Manager



  • Jorge Lara, Lieutenant at Isles of Capri Fire/Rescue
  • Oel Wingo, City of Holly Hill, Former City Manager
  • Isaac Turner, City of Venice, City Manager
  • Randall Reid, Sarasota County, County Manager
  • Bernadette Hughes, City of Tamarac, Management Analyst
  • Kurt Bressner, City of Boynton Beach, Former City Manager
  • Mike Levinson, City of Coral Springs, Former City Manager
  • Doug Smith, City of Del Ray Beach, Assistant City Manager
  • Louie Chapman, City of Del Ray Beach, City Manager
  • Daniel Rosemond, City of Hallandale Beach, Deputy City Manager/CRA Director
  • Jim Landon, City of Palm Coast, City Manager
  • Norton Bonaparte, City of Sanford, City Manager


  • Alan Ours, County Manager, Glynn County
  • Quentin Mcphatter, City of Kingsland, Assistant City Manager
  • Sam Grove, City of Cartersville, City Manager
  • Dan Porta, City of Cartersville, Assistant City Manager




  • Amy McEwan, Lake County, Assistant County Administrator
  • Phil Kiraly, Village of Northbrook, IL, Assistant Village City Manager
  • Chris Koos, Mayor, Town of Normal, IL
  • Tom Durkin, Village of Crete, Village Administrator
  • Jason Berry, City of Blue Island, Zoning Administrator
  • David Mekarski, Village of Olympia Fields, Village Administrator/Village Planner
  • Steven Carter, retired manager from the city of Champaign, IL
  • John Perry, retired manager from the village of Woodridge, IL
  • David Strohl, City of Morton, Chief Administrative Officer
  • Ben Benson, City of Joliet, Assistant City Manager
  • Katy Rush, Village Manager of Woodridge, IL


  • Stephanie Belch, City of Indianapolis/Marion County, Principal Planner


  • Geoff Fruin, Iowa City, IA, Assistant to the City Manager
  • Kristy Stewart, Recruiting Program Manager, City of Cedar Rapids
  • Art Pizzano, City of Fairfield, City Manager
  • Larry Burks, City of Onawa, City Manager
  • Craig Malin, City of Davenport, City Administrator


  • Michael Wilkes, City of Olathe, City Manager
  • Eric Wade, City of Lenexa, City Manager
  • Leslee Rivarola, City of Lenexa, Assistant City Manager


  • Laura Ross, Kentucky League of Cities, Legal Counsel


  • Dale Sibley, City of Shreveport, Chief Administrative Officer
  • Jimmie Bryant, City of Monroe, City Manager



  • Michelle Bailey-Hedgepeth, Town of Capitol Heights, Town Administrator
  • Laura Allen, City of Berlin, City Manager


  • Anne-Marie McLaughlin MSBC, MA, MEP Emergency Manager, University of Massachusetts Boston


  • Darnell Earley,City of Saginaw, City Manager
  • Natasha Henderson, City of Muskegon Heights, City Manager
  • Tim Wolff, City of Lake Isabella, City Manager
  • Meg Mullendore, City of Cassopolis, Village Manager


  • Samantha Orduno, City of Dayton, City Manager


  • Chris Wilson, City of Southaven, City Administrator


  • Mike McDowell, City of Wentzville, City Administrator
  • Paula Hertwig Hopkins, City of Warrensburg, City Manager
  • Greg Burris, City of Springfield, City Manager
  • Stephen Arbo, City of Lee’s Summit, City Manager
  • Mark Rohr, City of Joplin, City Manager
  • Craig Owens, City of Clayton, City Manager
  • Bola Akande, City of Brentwood, City Manager
  • Christal Weber, City of Lee’s Summit, City Manager



  • Joseph Mangiamelli, City of Columbus, City Administrator


  • Betsy Fretwell, City of Las Vegas, City Manager

New Hampshire

  • Brett Baker, City of Seward, City Administrator

New Jersey

New Mexico

  • Greg Martin, City of Los Lunas, City Manager
  • Laura Fitzpatrick, City of Rio Rancho, Assistant City Manager

New York

  • Art Sciorra, City of Ogdensburg, City Manager

North Carolina

  • Eric Peterson, Town of Hillsborough, Hillsborough
  • Tom Bonfield, City of Durham, City Manager
  • Kim Nelson, Professor of Public Administration at University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
  • Dewey Harris, Catawba County, Assistant County Manager
  • Stephen Steese, City of Roxboro, City Manager

North Dakota


  • Tanisha Briley, Cleveland Heights, OH, City Manager
  • Michelle Crandall, City of Dublin, City Manager
  • David Rowlands, City of Clayton, City Manager


  • Jim Twombly, City of Tulsa, City Manager
  • John Noblitt, City of Lindsey, Community Services Director
  • Bryan Long, City of Lawton, City Manager
  • Larry Stevens, City of Edmond, City Manager
  • Pamela Polk, City of Collinsville, City Manager
  • Thom Moton, City of Broken Arrow, City Manager


  • Naveen Chandra, Region Project Delivery Manager ODOT
  • Daniel Vazquez, City of Beaverton, Cultural Inclusion Coordinator


Rhode Island

South Carolina

  • Holly Eskridge, City of Rock Hill, Assistant to the City Manager
  • Katherine Brackett, City of Pickens, City Administrator

South Dakota


  • Kirk Bednar, City of Brentwood, City Manager
  • Mark Watson, City of Oakridge, City Manager
  • Bill Hammon, City of Alcoa, Assistant City Manager
  • Angie Carrier, City of Johnson City, Planning Director
  • Mike Walker, retired 22-year city manager of Brentwood, TN


  • Jim Nichols,  Assistant City Manager of Midland, TX
  • Courtney Sharp, City Manager of Midland, TX
  • Tommy Hudson, Deputy City Manager of Midland, TX
  • Stephen Seidel, City of Trophy Club, Assistant City Manager
  • Lynda Humble, City of Rowlett, City Manager
  • Opal Robertson, City of Lancaster, City Manager
  • Tommy Dalton, City of Flower Mound, Assistant to the City Manager
  • Bert Lumbreras, City of Austin, Assistant City Manager
  • Shelli Siemer, City of Allen, Assistant City Manager
  • Ray De Los Santos, City of Alice, City Manager
  • Mario Canizares, City of Coppell, Deputy City Manager
  • Kent Cagle, City of Lender, City Manager
  • Amy Buckert, City of Balcones Heights, City Administrator
  • Ray Baray, City of Austin, Acting Chief of Staff


  • Rick Davis, City of West Jordan, UT, City Manager



  • Bonnie Svrcek, City of Lynchburg, Deputy City Manager
  • Jim Spore, City of Virginia Beach, City Manager
  • Travis Hill, Virginia, Deputy Secretary of Agriculture and Forestry
  • Tony Griffin, former Fairfax County manager


  • Alexandra (Miller) Sheeks, Assistant to the City Manager, Woodinville, WA
  • Bob Harrison, City of Issaquah, City Administrator
  • Charlie Bush, City of Issaquah, Assistant City Administrator
  • Dema Harris, Director, Northwest Clerks Institute at Washington State University Spokane
  • Doug Schulze, City of Bainbridge Island, City Manager
  • Elizabeth Smoot, City Recorder/Clerk, Redmond Washington
  • Jon Amundson, City of Richland, Assistant City Manager

West Virginia


  • Melissa, Weiss, Assistant Administrator/Director of Public Works, Sussex, WI
  • Vanessa Koster, City of Milwaukee, Planning Manager
  • Kevin Lahner, City of Burlington, City Manager


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