Cookingham Connection Series

Posted on January 4, 2015


After 21 weeks and learning from 42 local government practitioners, the inaugural season of the Cookingham Connection series is over.  Huge thanks to SGR for their assistance with the column (especially to Hope and Muriel) and to Bruno Rumbelow, the City Manager of Grapevine, TX, for developing this column concept for us.

It’s been an exciting ride as we’ve learned about how modern local government management views the 22 guideposts originally written by L.P. Cookingham (known in some circles as the OG of local government).

The 22nd guidepost is:  Keep a framed copy of “The City Manager’s Code of Ethics” in your office. Read it once in awhile. Always abide by it.

As our thanks to our 42 columnists, we’ll be mailing them a framed copy of the Code of Ethics.  And, because we love our readers so much, we can send you a copy too.  Just email your request to Kirsten and we’ll send a copy your way.

Thanks again for diligently reading the Cookingham Connection columns.  It’s been fun to read and curate, and it’s also been an impressive feat to get 42 dedicated public servants to write columns on schedule and on topic.

Here’s an overview of the past 21 weeks of writing:


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