Civic Leaders: Your Data Disasters?

Posted on April 17, 2015

Civic Leaders Q2U is where we ask questions to you–the audience. Civic Leaders is an exclusive local government web-interview series hosted and operated by Springbrook Software, produced by the VOLSTA Media Network, and syndicated on

Each month the show shares a candid look into the challenges and triumphs experienced by passionate public employees that are committed to their calling.

Data Disasters

Civic Leaders 008 Q2U, Data Disasters on VOLSTA

What are YOUR experiences?

Today’s Q2U follows up on our previous Incite episode: Data Disasters. Our question to you: What are your stories of Data Disaster?

  • Has there been a time when everything that could have gone wrong, did?
  • How did your community react?
  • What did you do to fix the situation?
  • What have you implemented to help prevent similar events in the future?

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