Deep Thoughts with Joanna Crean, City of Boulder

Posted on September 28, 2014

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Prepare for #ELGL14 by learning about who is attending. Find out if you’ll be surrounded by soft talkers, loud eaters, and finger biters or whether you’ll be surrounded by the best in local government.

Joanna Crean


City of Boulder

Flood Recovery Coordinator – Infrastructure/Operations

(Complete the sentence) #ELGL14 is… to me so I’m excited to attend and learn.

Registration for #ELGL14 cost $60. If you could use that $60 to buy something else, what would you buy? 

A nice dinner with family and friends (although I would need more than $60).

If #ELGL14 spun off into a music festival, what bands (dead or alive) would you like to see? 

Lyle Lovett



During your time in Portland for #ELGL14, how do you plan on “Keeping Portland Weird?” 

Drink a beer and enjoy the outdoors.

(Complete the sentence) I feel old when……I play sports and my body doesn’t respond like it did when I was 18.

Deeper Thoughts


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