Diversity Dashboard Survey Methodology

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Chief Administrative Officers are managers, administrators, mayors, etc. The acronym CAO is used in the Dashboard for these positions. Assistant Chief Administrative Officers are assistant managers, assistant administrators, deputy mayors, clerks, etc. The acronym ACAO is used in the Dashboard for these positions.

To date, collection of this information has been limited to membership organizations, without examining these facets of leadership across the different forms of government at the local level, or in organizations that have not historically affiliated with those membership groups.

ELGL wants to break down these siloed data collections to allow for a greater understanding of the diversity (or lack thereof) of local government leaders.

All data in the Diversity Dashboard is self-reported, meaning that representatives from the local governments included in the Dashboard responded to surveys and that information is arrayed in the Dashboard.

Data is arrayed using the OpenGov platform, so users can sort, filter, and engage with the data to aid their understanding and learning. Organizations that did not respond to multiple requests to complete the self-reporting survey are excluded from the Diversity Dashboard. Organizations that responded to the survey but did not answer all questions are included, but shown as non-responsive on the question(s) that were not answered.

Data will be updated frequently as more organizations successfully complete surveys for inclusion in the Dashboard. If your organization has not yet completed a Diversity Dashboard survey, it’s not too late! Complete the survey online here.

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