Don’t Lose Your Momentum

Posted on May 3, 2019

Tree Growth

Today’s Buzz is by Samantha Roberts– connect with her on LinkedIn and Twitter!

What I’m looking forward to: A Public Records training by our state Public Records Advocate tomorrow

What I’m drinking: Cherry Lime La Croix, my favorite

What I’m listening to: My almost four-year old’s 259th excuse to stay awake


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In my organization, leadership encourages staff to focus their career development around six core competencies: creative work environment, now & later, respective & inclusive work environment, self awareness & emotional intelligence, trust & confidence, and wellbeing.

In all aspects of our work and professional development we are asked to center our efforts around these six components. From internal trainings, to professional association memberships, to risky new projects, to innovative self care, we are not only encouraged but expected to continuously grow.

This culture not only benefits us as individuals, but it centers our work and brings unity to the efforts we are making for our community.

This infrastructure of expectation is what has led me to try new things: to join the ELGL Morning Buzzer community, to contribute research towards council’s policy goals, to embrace a career I never envisioned for myself, to say “yes” to nontraditional career development opportunities. Though I’m perfectly content with my current professional role, I use these competencies to stay future oriented not only in what I’d like to do professionally, but also in who I’d like to be when I grow up.  I use these competencies to ground myself as much in my work as I do in my personal wellbeing. I’m not spending inordinate amounts of time doing this either.  Rare are the late nights or extra curricular networking events.  This focus centers my growth around the activities I’m already doing – but doing it better and with purpose.

Whether you’re a 20-something fresh out of college, a mid-careerer, or a few years away from retirement, don’t stop building your momentum – even if you’re satisfied with your current set up. Find the core competencies you’d like to work on, and focus them into goals. Take advantage of the networking tools your organization houses, or perhaps local professional organizations like ELGL, a chamber of commerce, or even a local college. Say “yes” to cross-department collaboration opportunities, after-hours get togethers with coworkers, and projects that feel too big. What my organization’s core competencies have taught me is that building momentum isn’t about elaborate plans and getting the promotion over your peer.  It’s about becoming a better version of yourself for your sake and nothing else.

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