ELGL Digital Update: Week 2

Posted on April 21, 2017

Check out what we’ve done and what we’re doing next to improve ELGL’s digital services!


  • ELGL’s digital working group is all up on Trello and we’re doing a lot of Google hanging-out. Our fearless leaders, Kevin & Luke from ProudCity are doing a great job herding all us cool kats with their sprints and whatnot.
  • We pushed out a survey to the ELGL universe asking for feedback on what ELGL is doing right, and what we need to do less of, as part of our digital services upgrade. If you have yet to take the survey, please do!
  • Started developing an “ELGL Playbook” to guide our process.


  • Creating an inventory of our digital assets that includes strengths, weaknesses and areas for improvement for each.
  • Pushing out the survey more as well as publishing and analyzing the results.
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