ELGL Digital Week 11: Job Seekers, Non-Profits & State-Level Leagues

Posted on July 21, 2017

get a job

This week, the Digital Working Group buckled down and discussed ELGL’s offerings to jobs seekers, public sector-focused nonprofits & foundations, and state-level leagues of cities and counties. We talked about what these groups want and how well we meet their needs.

For the job seeker category, Ben Kittelson suggested people in this group want jobs. But even more than that, they are looking for connections and a network, context, timely information, and professional development around interviewing and resumes.

get a jobFor our non-profit and foundation friends, we determined they are looking to expand their own reach, share content, and have a seat at the table.

With state-level leagues, it’s a no-brainer that ELGL is a strong partner for groups like this. They can expand their reach, cross promote, and partner on regional and local events and initiatives.

We talked about digital enhancements to help us:

  • Expand our ability to connect members at agencies looking for talent with job seekers
  • Add more context to job postings that would help people know if they are a good fit
  • Cross-promote content and offerings with partner organizations to expand everyone’s reach and influence

Are these the kinds of things you’d like to see more of? What are we missing? As always, comment, email or Tweet us if you have questions or ideas for the Digital Group.

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