ELGL Digital Week 7: Working up a Sweat!

Posted on June 9, 2017

The ELGL Digital Work Group is back after a two-week breakout sesh! Check out what we’ve done and what we’re doing next to improve ELGL’s digital services!


  • It is was divide and conquer with ELGL’s digital working group. We split up into two groups determined to make ELGL better for all. Shout out to Luke and Kevin of ProudCity for their hard work on Trello and all things Google.
  • The Newsletter/Social Meeds group got some serious work done establishing a Social Media Guidebook, polishing our social media accounts, and improving our Newsletter. Have you renewed your membership yet?!
  • In ELGL fashion, the Project Management Peeps did not want a boring “Work Agreement” so it was decided we were much better off with a “Pledge to Work Nicely Together” and established streamlined methods to bring you the best events possible.
  • Coming back together after our mid-week breakout sesh(es?) we compared notes while unanimously agreeing a little scheduled banter time was productive to meetings; especially if you have some great puns.


  • Polishing up the ELGL Playbook;  it’s coming together nicely!
  • Taking a deep dive into expanding and refining what we offer our members. Does anyone have a pair of loner shoes? We’ll do mile-splits.

Let us know what you’re thinking.  Tell us what is your favorite thing ELGL has to offer by tweeting us @ELGL50.

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