ELGL in Governing: Cycling’s Lessons for Government Leaders

Posted on September 23, 2015

Stacy Wall Schweikhart is the community information manager for the city of Kettering, Ohio. She is this month’s ELGL contributor to Governing. 

Cycling’s Lessons for Government Leaders

download (2)Whether it’s about pedaling or public administration, the challenges are much the same.
I’m a road cyclist, and if the trends are any indicator, the 76 percent growth in the number of enthusiasts for the sport since 2012 means that many of my local-government comrades are hitting the pedals too. Whether churning the hills on the back roads in the Midwest or cruising scenic coastal routes, the principles of road cycling offer comparative guidance for the particular challenges of leadership in government.
Perhaps if you aren’t a cyclist you have a different hobby, exercise regimen or avocation. Lessons for leadership can be found in most any pastime and, regardless of the last time you were on a bike, I hope you can appreciate what I learned from mine.
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