ELGL Joins Forces With IL Association of Municipal Management Assistants

Posted on March 19, 2014

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18th Annual IAMMA Conference


From Hopes to Habits – Utilizing Innovative Tools to Grow and Develop Your Workforce

ELGL is pleased to announced its participation in the 18th Annual IAMMA Conference, “From Hopes to Habits – Utilizing Innovative Tools to Grow and Develop Your Workforce.” ELGL will present the following session:

Next Generation Managers: This session will highlight the tools of the trade needed for next generation managers. Mr. Kiraly, Mr. Lockerby, and Mr. Kalmar are all newly minted city managers in their respective jurisdictions and will share their insight on developing the right habits and using the right tools to be successful in your organization.

Background Check on IAMMA


Connect: Facebook and World Wide Web

Founded in 1972, the Illinois Association of Municipal Management Assistants (IAMMA) is an organization for professionals working in municipal management throughout the State of Illinois.

IAMMA’s membership includes professionals serving as assistant administrators/managers, administrative interns, assistant department managers and directors in Illinois municipalities, counties, and councils of government.

Whether you’re interested in social or professional connections, IAMMA has established a presence beyond our website in the online world.  Reconnect and stay in touch with IAMMA members in your area and around the nation.  IAMMA has a networking group on Facebook at www.facebook.com  with the group name “Illinois Association of Municipal Management Assistants.”

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