The ELGL Strategic Plan: From Strategery to Tenawesome

Posted on May 12, 2014

After several long months drinking copious amounts of coffee and sitting in our birds nest, we’ve created the all new ELGL Strategic Plan. I can give you two words for how it turned out; tenacious and awesome. In fact it’s really one word; tenawesome. The formal unveiling will be live on July 1st and include some top secret, organizational improvements we’ve been working on in the meantime (new logo, etc., cough, cough).


We’re ready for the future.

As I’ve written before, our environment is ever-changing and the future is unwritten, but we will be ready for it with an innovative strategic plan. Good things don’t come to those who wait; good things come to those who plan. And now we have a plan, a great plan that will serve as our roadmap to future — or at least the next 3 years. This plan will serve as a formal, living, breathing document that defines who we are through unified, collaborative strategic direction utilizing a dynamic matrix complete with an accountable framework of follow up.

Like anything we do, we’re not trying be like everyone else. We have great respect for tradition, but believe innovation is so much more fun! We also realize many strategic plans sit on the shelves for years, collecting dust like an old Brother Word Processor, left to serve only as an administrative document to comply with the grant and policy process.

Our plan cuts through the red tape and slices directly to our organizational core with an innovative framework composed of actions, followed by levels of accountability. And don’t be surprised by the surface simplicity of our plan once it’s unveiled. It’s simple on the surface so that its user friendly, but it was constructed through complex details and the truly humble genius that is ELGL. That’s props to the co-founders, the staffers, the volunteers, and all ELGL members.


Our new Strategic Plan has three main parts and we have listed them below as a short preview to what you can expect to see at the unveiling on July 1st.

I. We have a new Mission Statement, Three Principles that support it, and Five Belief Statements to elaborate on what we do and recognize who we are.

II. We have a new Strategic Matrix that is the core of our action plan. It’s like a Gantt chart, but more buttery and without the fluff. It identifies all of the action items we’re working on now or will start soon. It comes complete with timelines, staff assignments and opportunities for new contributions. [Now we’re just working on how to present it through the website in a dynamic, transparent format. Dynamic so it’s always moving; and transparent as to uphold our ethical standards and organizational bylaws.]

III. Lastly, we are finalizing a new Organizational Chart and Franchise Documents for our new and existing chapters.

Just Ahead

We will formally unveil our new Strategic Plan on July 1st along with new exciting changes you’ll want to stay tuned for… and you get a waffle, and you get a waffle, and you get a waffle… everyone gets a waffle!!! Metaphorically speaking of course.


Stay tuned, ELGL. And as always, stay savvy.


-Dan Englund, ELGL

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