#ELGL13 Table Assignments

Posted on October 2, 2013

ELGL Conference PosterThe wait is over – table assignments for #ELGL13 have been made! Here’s what you need to know about tables at the conference:

How did ELGL assign tables?
You’ll recall that you answered a series of questions about public service, Portland culture, and your preferences when you registered for #ELGL13.  We matched up your answers with other conference attendees, and grouped people together with similar interests at the same table.

It’s easy to stick with the people you know when you attend a conference.  We wanted ELGL members to get to know some new people.  But don’t worry – you only have to sit at your table for breakfast and lunch.  When we’re in the Kennedy School Theater you can sit wherever you’d like.

7:30 a.m. is really early.  What if I forget my table assignment?
Don’t worry.  Our team of #ELGL13 volunteers will greet you when you arrive, and point you in the right direction.  Park in the lot behind the Kennedy School, and proceed to the Gymnasium.

What are some of the other table themes?
Designer Nick Lawson created some really cool table themes.  You can check them out here.

Who am I sitting with?
Patience is a virtue! But if you can’t wait and want to check out your tablemates, you can read below.


Bike to Work

Bikes to work ELGL

Stephanie Betteridge, OHSU

Justin Cutler, Sunset Empire Park & Recreation District

Fern Elledge

Mary Beth Henry, City of Portland

Frank Miller, Willamette University

Emily Leuning, PSU

Ken Ray, Metro

Caroline Zavitkovski, Portland State University

Tenzin Choephel, City of Portland – Audit Services Division


Craft Beer

Craft Beer ELGL

Ina Zucker, Metro

David Donaldson, City of Lake Oswego

Jason Higbee, Johnson Controls Energy Solutions

Thomas Hogue, DLCD

Franziska Edwards, City of Beaverton

Phil Keisling, PSU – Center for Public Service

Shannon Stadey, City of Gresham

Heather Martin, Beery, Elsner, & Hammond

Heidi Starks, West Slope Water District


Weekend DIY Warriors


Dana Baker, Washington State University

Michelle Bixler, Willamalane Park and Recreation District

Courtney Dausz, Mersereau Shannon LLP

Andrew Gale, Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office

Jessica Harper, City of Gresham

Amber Mathiesen, City of Falls City

Tess Milio, CFM Strategic Communications

Kelly O’Neill, City of Sandy

Karen Pearson, City of Gresham


Ironic Mustaches

Ironic Moustache ELGL

Gregory Baker, City Manager

Lani Parr, City of Beaverton

Ariana Denney, Oregon Employment Department

Cadie Dye, Washington State University Vancouver

Masouma Zargar, University of Oregon

Amanda Lamb, Oregon Secretary of State Audits Division

Michelle Tagmyer, City of Beaverton

Mark Grabow , OPPMA, ICMA-PSU

Kasia Benoit, D.A. Davidson


Jane Jacobs

Jane Jacobs ELGL

Candy Cates, Oregon Health Authority

Beth Cohen, Metro

Victoria Vysotskiy, Clackamas County

Evan Fransted, University of Colorado-Denver

Ashley Graff, City of Gresham

Saby Waraich, City of Portland

Shelley Searle, City of Beaverton

Erika Palmer, City of Damascus

Alexander Stuehr, Mediate.com


Leslie Knope

Leslie Knope ELGL

Sean Farrelly, City of Tigard

Rachael Fuller, City of Gresham

Jeanna Troha, City of Wilsonville

Anthony Hooper, City of Lake Oswego

Ben Kittelson, PSU MPA/ELGL

Tanya Williams, City of Hillsboro, Management Analyst

Will Norris, City of Long Beach

Alexandra Fercak, City of Portland

Cassandra Ulven, Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue


Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson ELGL

Norma Alley, City of Newberg

Eric Chambers, City of Gresham

Bill Eggert, University of Oregon- MPA Student

Megan Messmer, City of Florence

Matthew Donahue, D.A. Davidson

Julia Hajduk, City of Sherwood

Greta Ossman, Multnomah County

Jason Tuck, City of Happy Valley

Samantha Wolf, Hatfield Residency Fellowship & North Clackam




Dylan Digby, City of West Linn

Holly Fellows, USDA Rural Development

Haley Fish, City of Canby

Josh Halladay, USC MPA Program

Joshua Gregor, City of Portland

Amy Jauron, City of Corvallis Benton County

Erin Lowery, Clean Water Services

Elizabeth McCann, City of Gresham

Miles Glowacki, City of Beaverton


Ron Swansons

Ron Swanson ELGL

Joseph Gall, City of Sherwood

Tim Beinert, Oregon Military Department

Karen Williams, Carroll Investments

Zach Henkin, Drive Oregon

Jacques Livingston, Portland State University

Pat Mobley, City of Milwaukie

Michael Parkhurst, City of Gresham

Len Reed, The Oregonian

Chris Kerr, City of West Linn


Small Batch Spirits

Small Batch Spirits ELGL

Maya Benham, City of Newberg

Carol Bryck, Clackamas River Water

Matt Scheidegger, City of Tualatin

Dan Englund, Portland State University

Robyn Franzen Parker, City of Gresham

Tamara Richards, City of Eugene

Dan Bauer, City of Portland

Stacey Triplett, Metro

Rhyan Van Horn, TriMet


Timbers Fans

Timbers fans ELGL

Ethan Cirmo, Indiana University MPA

Tammy Baney, Deschutes County

Sara Doughty, City of Tigard

Matthew Herb, Key Bank

Suzan Duffy, City of Canby

Anna Johnson, Deschutes County

Ellen Miller, CFM Strategic Communications

John Morgan, City of Damascus

Jordan Wheeler, City of Lake Oswego


Tom Haverford

Tom Haverford ELGL

Seth Atkinson, City of Sandy

Travis Brown, City of Gresham

Katherine Tassery, City of Bellevue

Jeremy James, Cosgrave Vergeer Kester

Randy Ealy, City of Beaverton

Eric Schmidt, Willamette University

Nyssa Rivera, University of Oregon

Gulgun Mersereau, Public Finance Attorney, Hawkins Delafield

Robbi Stedman, Key Bank


Twee Birds

Twee Birds ELGL

Kevin Campbell City of Portland

Robyn Christie, City of Bend

Chris Jordan, City of West Linn

Kelsey Newell, Metro

Michael Enloe, TriMet

Ramona Perrault, Metro

Mac Prichard, Prichard Communications

Catherine Schneider, City of Lake Oswego

Lisa Shaw, City of Tigard


Walk to Work

Walk to work ELGL

Kristin Akervall, Austen Group

Ben Bryant, City of Tualatin

Colin Deverell, Metro

Erik Fabian, Center for Priority Based Budgeting

Michael Brown, City of Hillsboro

Alison Hellberg, Association of Washington Cities

Kathy Mollusky, City of West Linn

David Snider, City of Sandy

Eric Underwood, City of Oregon City


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