#ELGL14: Managing a College Town

Posted on July 30, 2014

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Last week, you learned that Emily Badger from the Washington Post will headline #ELGL14.  This week, we release the next exciting panel that you’ll experience at our annual conference: Managing College Towns.

Managing College Towns (3)

Managing a College Town

  • Jon Ruiz, City Manager of Eugene, Oregon (University of Oregon)
  • Jim Patterson, City Manager of Corvallis, Oregon (Oregon State University)
  • Michael Sykes, City Manager of Forest Grove, Oregon (Pacific University)
  • Moderated by Randy Ealy, Chief Administrative Officer of Beaverton, Oregon (Willamette University alum and ardent Duck fan)
  • Join us for a lively question-and-answer style session that will give you an inside look at managing the relationship between a city and an educational institution, plus all of the unique challenges that result from managing growing college towns.

Getting excited for #ELGL14?  We will open registration in late August so stay tuned and make sure you get your spot for this can’t-miss conference experience!

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