#ELGL14 Speaker Bios: The Social Media Scene

Posted on September 15, 2014

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Who are the speakers at #ELGL14, you ask? Over the next few weeks we’ll be releasing the bios for the speakers you’ll be learning from at the conference!

For our session on The Social Media Scene, you’ll be hearing from

Patrick Rollens, Social Media Coordinator, Oak Park, IL

Bio: I work at the intersection of social media, local government and online publishing. My job is to serve people who want up-to-the-minute coverage of their community — right down to the neighborhood block or street intersection. I started down this path during my career in journalism, then transitioned to a position in local government.

First paying job: Aquarium Fish Specialist at PetsMart, circa 1997up_russell1

Soundtrack of your life: “Binary Sunset” from the Star Wars soundtrack, composed by John Williams. It speaks to me of wanderlust, adventure, growing up and growing old, all at the same time.

Book you are currently reading: “Drood” by Dan Simmons

Anything else: I’m an Eagle Scout so I always have a pocketknife on me. 99% of the time this means I get mocked at dinner parties, but 1% of the time I’m the hero.


Kimburly Ervin, Senior Social Media Strategist, Pyramid Communications

Bio: I listen.I help briIntrovert4ng clarity and intention to the use of social media on behalf of Pyramid Communications’ non-profit and social good clients. Then, I spend more time listening.

First paying job: Park Aide for California State Park System

Soundtrack of your life: Everything in its Right Place, Radiohead

Book you are currently reading: Quiet:The Power Of Introverts in a World that Won’t Stop Talking

MODERATOR: Julie Underwood, Assistant City Manager, Daly City, CA

Bio: Soldier, Messenger, Champion and Implementer of the Vision, Supporter, Manager, Duties as Assigned

First paying job: Busch Gardens, Williamsburg, VA, Food Service in the Italian Villageimages

Soundtrack of your life: Beatles: Here Comes the Sun

Book you are currently reading:  Detroit: An Amerian Autopsy by Charlie LeDuff

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