#ELGL14 Twitterazzi

Posted on September 17, 2014

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bring-it-on-spirit-fingers-oWith only 120 spots at the conference, and an ELGL membership of more than 600 people in 25 states, you can imagine that there are many of our members who are disappointed they can’t attend the conference. So, we are beefing up our social media presence (even more than usual!) for the conference so ELGL members can follow along on Twitter and Facebook during each conference session. Start flexin’ those fingers – we are looking for people who want to join our team to aggressively (in a nice way) use social media to share information about the conference)

What does this mean?

You’ll get priority front row seating (for high quality picture taking) during the session you’ll help us with; and to thank you for your work, you’ll get an extra drink ticket during social hour.

What do I have to do?

It’s pretty simple – you’ll provide “live tweets” during the sessions you attend, including your takeaways on important information and notable quotes.  You’ll use your own Twitter feed; and will reference #ELGL14 so people can follow along from afar.  We will also give you an assigned session that we want you to live blog immediately afterward, so ELGL.org is immediately populated with recaps (you can use Storify, or your own blogging prowess…).  And don’t worry – we’ll offer training beforehand.

Why should I do this?

This is a great opportunity if you want to grow your social media and Twitter knowledge; launch your own Twitter account; or just have a front-and-center seat during part of the conference.

Twitter scares me.  Why should I use it?

Check out these articles if you need convincing: Twitter can help you land your next job;Six ways you should be using TwitterTwitter helps share important information about your organization.

You don’t need to be an experienced Tweeter to sign up for the #ELGL14 Twitter Team.  Just email kirsten@sarahhellems.wpengine.com and we’ll get you set up for a fun chance to learn how to use this effective communications tool during the conference!

Who’s signed up so far?

  • Amber Mathiesen, City Administrator, Falls City, OR – @AmberMathiesen1 
  • Alan Mond, CEO, MuniRent – 
  • Katie Babits, Management Analyst, City of Veneta, OR – @BabitsKnopeful 
  • Josh Gregor, Management Analyst, City of Portland, OR – @JoshG22
  • Alison Hellberg, Legislative Advocate, Association of Washington Cities – @alisonhellberg
  • Kylie Bayer-Fertterer, Diversity & Inclusion Coordinator, Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District – @thebacondiaries
  • Caroline Zavitkovski, Performance Auditor, Oregon Secretary of State – @Czavit
  • Janice D’Aloia, Vice President, MoMix Solutions – @jdaloia


The conference committee’s goal for #ELGL14 is to create a conference experience that will allow you to learn a lot; meet some new local government peers; and have a great time.  We look forward to sharing this experience with you!

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