#ELGL15: Twittersation Results

Posted on April 21, 2015

Kylie & Jahmai
#ELGL15 Planning Committee members Kylie Bayer-Fertterer and Jahmai Cherry are blogging for ELGL as we lead up to our annual conference on October 23.  Today, Kylie shares with us some of the conference ideas that resulted from the #ELGL15 Twitter conversation.
Here are five possible conference topics members have come up via ELGL Twittersations using the hashtag #ELGL15. The theme of #ELGL15 is the Creativity Summit and your planning committee is looking for ideas about sessions or not-sessions, food, decor, pre and post-conference events, and so much more.
We’ll call on experts attending the conference to share their insights about topics you bring to #ELGL15. Unplanned, unfiltered, on the fly!
FlexibleBusinessGuyImplementing more inclusive practices at work 
Flex schedules! Learning opportunities! Telecommuting! Job Shadowing!
JennaMarblesDogAcculturating into a New Office
Tips and ideas for incorporating yourself into a new culture at work and how to make your existing office culture more inclusive to new employees, interns, and volunteers. Bring Your Dog to Work Day, anyone?
KeepCalmTakeSurveyEvaluating Programs and Policies 
How do you know if what you’re doing works? Evaluate, evaluate, evaluate.
LeslieKnopePercentDiversity in Local Government 
#13percent has been making its rounds online. Let’s have a robust discussion about how to make positive changes to diversify the local government workforce.
Want to contribute? Get involved by submitting ideas on twitter with #ELGL15. You can also send ideas to Kirsten.
See you on October 23rd at McMenamin’s Edgefield!

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