#ELGL18 Morning Session: Cartegraph

Posted on May 17, 2018

It’s Day 2 of #ELGL18. Here is every detail about the morning session. 

Webinar: 3 Tips to Master Storytelling w/ Nick Kittle, Cartegraph & Kent Wyatt, ELGL

You’re sharing data with your citizens—but is anyone really listening? And, do they truly understand what you’re trying to communicate? Join Nick and Kent as they share the importance of clarity and storytelling in local government.

Podcast: Let’s Get Innovative with Nick Kittle

In this episode of GovLove, Kirsten Wyatt talks with Nick Kittle about his work with Adams County on innovation and sustainability initiatives. Nick shares how he combats “energy vampires,” and shares his definition of “innovation” (hint: it’s “creativity implemented”). Nick also gets real on the podcast, sharing his life experiences and how they have motivated him to serve the public and focus on his family.


Rocky Mountain High Performance: Allen Peterson

Rocky Mountain High Performance: Chris Fabian

Rocky Mountain High Performance: Heather Younger

Rocky Mountain High Performance: Jacob Anderson

Rocky Mountain High Performance: Justin Cutler
Rocky Mountain High Performance: Lawrence Pollack

Rocky Mountain High Performance: Sarah Moss

Clarity Award
The Clarity Award, presented by ELGL and Cartegraph, recognizes governments that are telling clear, compelling stories, and engaging their employees and/or their residents by moving the needle in measurable, actionable ways. After a nomination period where submissions were received from across the country, the Nomination Committee is excited to announce the three finalists.

Finalists for the Clarity Award

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